We know that when our ladies become pregnant and wait for babies, they go through a big change in their bodies. Some people say that when a lady becomes pregnant she has a ‘glow’ called the pregnancy glow. But I don’t think it is same for everyone. The cycle of life is same with all the animal species in the world. Some animals have very little and cute bodies normally. But when they become pregnant, they look more adorable and some become hilarious! Following are some images of cute pregnant mothers in the animal world. Along with those images in this article, I’m going to give you some valuable facts about their pregnancy!

When looking at this zebra mother from the front, you’ll see how amazing that the way her body expands in either direction to accommodate her babies. Usually, zebras do mating throughout the year. A zebra mother has to carry her child for 12-13 months while protecting herself from predators!  And a mother gives birth to one baby at once. What do you think about the stripes of zebra babies at birth? They have stripes at birth but in brown and white!

Just look at the pose of this mother Macaque. She was captured in the Berlin Zoo. She has to carry her baby for 5.5 months before bringing it to the world. She will give birth to a single baby macaque then. Usually, macaque mothers get sexual maturity in 3 years. Can you see how her hands grab her stomach with babies? This proves that loving for babies is not only limited to humans and is valid for all the animals in the world.

Do you know that sea horses are the one and only animal species that males carry babies? Yes, that’s true. Sea horse fathers in the above image look like having a huge weight in their stomachs. But actually, they are pregnant! Every male seahorse has a pouch in its stomach that can carry up to 2000 babies at a time. They have a gestation period of 10-25 days which varies on different species. Their mating process is also very curious. When they are ready, a female and a male seahorse swim together and engage in a courtship dance that can continue up to eight hours. It ends after the female deposits her eggs in the male’s pouch!

You may think about how this Dolphin mama swims while carrying her baby as it is extra weight for her. But she has to do it and she does it however! A Dolphin mother gives birth to a single baby after a gestation period of 10-18 months. It varies on different dolphin species. Female dolphins start to have babies when they are around 6-12 years old.

                Would you like to know how dolphin mothers give birth to their babies? Unlike most mammals, dolphin babies are born tail first. According to scientists, it happens to minimize the risk of drowning. Birth usually takes several hours. Do you ever wonder how dolphins give milk to their babies in water? It becomes possible because of the thickness of their milk. Unlike human milk or cow milk, their milk is extremely fatty and rich. So dolphin babies can suckle milk from their mothers’ nipples easily. Dolphin mothers give milk to their babies for 2-3 years.

This seal mother looks so tired. Finding foods for herself and her children while in pregnancy is actually a struggle. After all, she needs a little rest on the shore under sunlight! When considering her pregnancy, seals have a gestation period of 9-11 months. Usually, seal babies are born in February-July and a seal mother gives birth to one baby per year. This mother will also look after her baby for about 4-6 weeks. Do you know how they find out their babies? They can identify babies by smell and vocalization!

Look at the above orangutan pregnant mother! She looks fed up with her pregnancy same as some human mothers! Actually, sometimes it is hard in the pregnancy period because of the changes in the body. It is the same to animals just like to this mother. Would you like to know some facts about orangutan pregnancy? Here are some!

                When orangutans become sexually mature, female orangutans are attracted by long calls of males. When a female selects a male they stay together for a few days and the male leaves the female when she becomes pregnant. Do you know that they have many behaviors same as humans? Yeah, that’s true. In their short courtship period, the male and the female travel, share foods as a pair like a lovely human couple!

                A mother orangutan produces a single baby at each birth. An orangutan mother has to carry her baby for around eight and half months before giving birth. She gives birth in her nest usually established up on a tree more than 30 meters. Do you know that orangutans have the longest period of infant among all the apes? Yes, it is. It longs up to 10 years! So there is an 8-10 years gap between their births.

I hope you know about polar bears.  Even though they are very dangerous, polar bears are absolutely cute and beautiful with their appearance. When a female polar bear becomes pregnant, she becomes more cute and adorable! Just look at the above picture and you’ll get what I did say.

                Let’s talk about her pregnancy. A female becomes sexually mature in 4-5 years. When a female and a male pair themselves, they stay together for more than a week and mate several days.  When a female becomes pregnant, she has a gestation period of about 8 months. The breeding season takes place from March to June. But most of the time births happen during April and May. In the breeding season, the female and the male find each other and the mother gives birth to a single polar bear cub!


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