Get ready to dive into the coolest story of the sea, where time moves at a snail’s pace, and the stars are Greenland sharks – the chilled-out elders of the ocean! Scientists have just split the beans on a jaw-dropping discovery: a 400-year-old shark that probably partied its way into the world around 1620. Hold onto your fins – these sharks are officially the oldest party animals on Earth!

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Picture this: a gigantic Greenland shark, a chilled-out dude that stretches up to 5 meters long. But here’s the kicker – they grow at a speed of just one tiny centimetre every year. Talk about taking life slow and steady! Swimming through the chilly waters of the North Atlantic, these guys are like the grandpas of the ocean, moving at a pace that’s slower than your grandma’s Sunday stroll.

So, how did the scientists figure out the age of these oceanic time-travellers? Well, they played detective with the sharks’ eyes! Using a fancy trick called radiocarbon dating on eye proteins, the researchers unravelled the sharks’ life stories. The result? One super old lady shark, rocking a whopping 400 years and counting. Imagine the stories she could tell!

photo credit: Original Photographer

The brainiac leading the charge on this oceanic mystery, Julius Nielsen, spilt the beans on the shock that hit the research team, saying, “We had our expectations that we were dealing with an unusual animal, but I think everyone doing this research was very surprised to learn the sharks were as old as they were.” It’s like finding out your grandpa has been secretly pulling off dance moves from the 1600s!

These Greenland sharks are like oceanic snails – slow and steady wins the race. Moving so lazily through the Arctic waters that they’ve earned the nickname “sleeper sharks,” these guys might as well have a snooze button. And get this – they’ve got seal parts in their stomachs! But don’t worry. Experts think these sharks are so laid back that the seals were either catching some Zs or had already checked out of this underwater hotel.

photo credit: Original Photographer

Now, here’s the cool science part: the scientists used the fallout from 1960s nuclear tests to figure out the ages of these chilled-out sharks. Sharks born after the “bomb pulse” had this special mark in their eyes, shouting, “Hey, I’m a young one!” Meanwhile, the ones without the mark were like living time capsules, carrying the echoes of the past.

Video Credit:Wonder World

Hold onto your swim trunks – the big reveal was mind-blowing! These ancient sharks could be anywhere from 272 to a whopping 512 years old, with 390 years being the sweet spot. It’s like discovering a hidden chapter in the ocean’s history book!

So, next time you’re daydreaming about the mysteries of the deep, remember the Greenland sharks – the slow-mo swimmers that have been silently cruising through centuries. They’re the ocean’s timeless wonders, proving that sometimes, it’s cool to take things slow and live life in the slow lane of the sea!


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