Anyone knows that the beauty of nature is always simple, but it always amazes us. You may never know what magic is hiding inside nature. Several years ago such kind of magic happened to a lucky Texan family. One day, Cmycherrytree’s daughter, Angela picked a pink rose for her, and she was delighted about it. Most of the time, we do not stop to smell a rose. But luckily she leaned into the flower to smell it and she was really thrilled at that moment. There was a little anole lizard slumbering and nestled between the petals of that pink rose.

This green anole lizard is also known as Carolina anole and it is usually found in south-eastern parts of Northern America. Usually, the male lizard is fiercely territorial and sometimes they fight with their own reflections in mirrored glasses. However, when Cmycherrytree saw the lizard, it looked so peacefully sleeping and she didn’t want to disturb it. Instead of that she took her camera and captured that moment forever in a few beautiful photos. Those photos quickly went viral when she posted them online. Whether that lizard was looking for a perfect spot to lay or lured to sleep because of the scent of the rose, it is a perfect fit for the beautiful rose.

Some people think lizards are creepy or scary. For some people, finding a lizard in the room means running to other corners of the room and praying for the reptile to leave by itself. Sometimes you may also be among those people. But please don’t worry, lizards are not scary as they seem. In these pictures, they seem not scary at all. Instead of that when you look at these photos, they will put a smile on your face!


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