There was a time, a cute image of a ‘baby platypus’ went viral on the internet. Many people were talking about it and wondered why they have never seen such cuteness before. It could able to delight everyone who laid eyes on him because of his tiny delicate appearance.  But there was just one problem. That baby platypus was not alive! It was not a baby made by platypus parents, it was made by a human!

                Vladimir, A Serbian fantasy artist was the creator of this baby platypus. He had used polymer clay to sculpt it and had painted it using acrylic paint.  He has a collection of sculptures and according to him ‘Baby Platypus’ is the cutest thing he ever made. After this great piece of art became viral, many people searched for information about the real platypus. Absolutely platypuses are very interesting animals. There are lots of unique and interesting facts about these baby platypus. In this article, I’m going to bring you some of them. Hope you’ll enjoy them!


Would you like to know how these cuties come to this world? The reproduction of platypus is some kind of unique. It is the only mammal other than echidna that lays eggs. Platypuses become sexually mature at 2 years of their lives. Their breeding period ranges from June to October, which is their winter range. Their gestation period usually lasts 2-3 weeks. To lay eggs, the females seal themselves in a burrow’s chamber. A mother platypus usually lays 1-3 eggs and holds them between her tail and body to keep them warm.

                In about ten days the eggs hatch. At the birth size of a baby platypus is the same as a lima bean! Can you imagine the little size of them? Those babies are completely helpless as they are blind, hairless, and vulnerable at birth.  So the mother platypus takes care of her babies (puggles) for the first 3-4 months. She gives them milk from pores in her skin. At about four months of age, babies move out of the burrow and the mother teaches them to swim and survive.

                There is only one country you can find these platypuses. It’s Australia. You can commonly find them in New South Wales, Queensland, and the Eastern States of Victoria. When considering about unique factors of these amazing creatures, they are one of the small numbers of venomous mammals in the world. There is a spur on the hindfoot of the male platypus which can deliver venom and this venom can cause severe pain to humans!

The Puggles’ might be the cutest thing you have ever seen!

Do you know that they are named as an over-dresser? Yes, that’s because they have two layers of brown thick fur which cover their body. Those fur layers help to trap an air layer when they are underwater and so it makes them waterproof!

                And another interesting fact is they use the same technology which sharks use to locate their prey. It’s Electrolocation! With that, they scoop up shellfish, worms, and insects under the water and usually they eat 20% of their body weight each day!



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