Today, I’m going to bring you some unbelievable and amazing information about a wildlife photographer who dedicated his entire life to photography. This person became world famous not only because of the awards he has won, but also because of his dedication and commitment. Another reason he became world famous was one of the photo shoots he had done for six years. It was about the red squirrels. In this article, I’ll bring you information about him as well as some of his amazing shoots.

The name of this amazing photographer is Geert Weggen. He is a Swedish photographer who has been internationally awarded. His work has been published worldwide in different calendars, newspapers, television, books, and magazines.

Six years ago he started to do wildlife photography accidentally. One day a fox was there in front of his doorstep and he suddenly went back home and brought some meat. Then he fed them to the fox and that fox started to come daily and Geert used it as an opportunity to do wildlife photography.

By the end of the second week, the fox became a close friend of Geert and started to come to the balcony and he interacted with various items there which were used for photography. After that, a Russian bird started to visit him. It also came daily and Geert’s balcony then became a studio specially made for wildlife photography. It was filled with cameras, mirrors, and nature props. The bird followed him and so he hid food items in some spots and created scenes to photograph the bird. Some of those photos were internationally awarded and published.

Eventually, a group of red squirrels appeared and started to come daily to his studio. Then Geert started to photograph those squirrels and he daily followed those squirrels for six years to capture some amazing shots. By now he also organizes some squirrel workshops at his home studio. He organizes them twice a year when baby squirrels arrive.  It is a 5-day workshop and a maximum of 3 participants can join this workshop.


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