Most of my free time, I played with other kids in my neighborhood in outside when I was a kid. Even we didn’t have any modern technology, we were quite busy all the time playing. Like most parents, you may have a busy routine and have no time to spend with your children. So your children may have used to play usual games like badminton, sardines. But try to save some time to play and spend with your children and play simple activities which I’m going to mention below. They are very easy to play. They are fun and also they help to improve the motor skills of your children.

 In this article, I have listed out and described some of the non-tech games we enjoyed as kids. Some of them can do indoor and alone. But they are more enjoyable and best when playing outside with a bunch of friends. I think you may have also enjoyed with them as a kid and sometimes you might have different rules when playing these. Just try to return to your past and imagine them!

# Hopscotch

This seems to be one of the most popular games in many countries and among many people. It’s very simple but has too much fun and a very lovely game. I know most of you know about this game. All you need to have are some pieces of chalk and a rock. First, you have to draw a hopscotch grid on your driveway or pavement using chalks. Number squares in the grid from 1-9. Pick a rock for tossing.

First, you have to toss the rock onto Square 1. Then hop over it and follow the pattern of hopscotch grid using a one foot or using both feet to the end. Then turn and come back and stop on square 2. Then you have to pick the rock on square 1. But you should do it while balancing on one foot. Then you should hop over square 1. Then you can continue it with square 2. When you are tossing, if you miss the correct square, you are out from the game. Only one player can play this game at once but any number of players can participate. If you prefer to play this inside, there are hopscotch mats in stores and you can purchase one of them!

# Red Light, Green Light

This game is also very popular in different countries with different names. This is a game you must have been played even once in your life. The rules are very simple and you do not need any equipment to play with. And also you can play this outdoor or inside a room which has enough space. To play, one person has to become the traffic light at one corner. Other players start from the other corner. To start the game, the traffic light turns away his face from the group and says “green light!”. Then the players start to move toward the traffic light. Suddenly, the traffic light person turns around saying “red light!”. When he turns around if he spots anyone moving, they are out of the game. Then they should return to the start point and start again. The first player who moves to the traffic light and tags him wins the game and becomes the next traffic light. It is a simple and fun game, but it’s not as easier to win!

# Hide and seek

This is another popular game among many people. Most of the parents also play this with their children as hiding and finding is a thing which creates interest among children. There are many variations of this game so it is difficult to define the rules of this game. I’ll give you the basic idea of this game.  To start this game, a person becomes “it”. That person then closes his eyes and starts to count without looking for others. The counting number may be ten, twenty, or sometimes or one hundred, it depends. After finishing the count, that person should find the others and tag them.

# Chinese Jump Rope

This is also a very popular game that has several names. This is also called skip jump, French skipping, and Chinese Skipping.  To do this game, there should be at least three people. This jump also uses the regular jumping rope but has to do jumping in a pattern. To start this, two people have to stand inside the rope and stretch the rope and should have enough space between them for another person to jump. Then the third person faces one of his friends holding the rope and starts to jump in a pattern. You can use any pattern you like, it’s up to you. But all players should follow the same pattern. When the game starts, the players have the rope around their ankles. When the jumper does it correctly, they move rope to their calves, then to knees, and finally to their thighs. When the jumper misses his jump, the turn goes to another player.

# Blind Man’s Bluff

This is a very popular game in Tudor and Victorian England. And also this game has a great history. If you carefully consider it, you’ll find out that this is another variation of tag games. You can do this with a small group of players. One player becomes “it” and wears a blindfold. Then he tries to tag other players. When he tags one of the other players, he will become “it”. When playing this game, you should select a safe area that is safe from hazards and obstructions.

# Simon says

This is a very popular game among small kids. You can play this anywhere you like even while driving the car! The game is very simple. One person becomes Simon. He starts the game by saying “Simon says” and he continues it by saying something to do. For example, he can say “Simon says hands up!”.  When calling for actions, the person says to do things without saying “Simon says”. If anyone does those things, he or she is out from the game. This continues until one person remains. Then he becomes the Simon in the next round!


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