There are several reasons for the cruelty which we can see in nature. The first thing is all organisms reproduce. To reproduce they must survive as well as have a surplus of energy. This applies to plants as well as animals. Some organisms gain their energy from the sun. With a ready fuel supply just laying around some animals evolved to eat that energy. Now the energy that was broadly diffuse as plant material has been concentrated in the body of an animal. Given another ready fuel supply other animals evolved to harvest that energy for their survival and ultimately their reproduction. Below I have attached some images I found which clearly explain the brutality in mother nature.

This is a picture of a male adult polar bear having a part of a cub of the same kind! Sometimes they just do this because of hunger. Sometimes do this to mate with that cub’s mother. After the male kills and eats the cub, his mother will also eat the rest of it! Can you imagine that cruelty? That’s because we are humans. According to them, a carcass is nothing but nutrition and energy.

Do you know that male deers use their antlers to fight during the mating period to own a female. Sometimes those antlers get stuck and they cannot release them. Then predators take the opportunity of this and hunt them. Sometimes they kill one of them. The other one is still alive. But it can not get rid of the other’s body. It has to watch that other one is being eaten, and then it drags the rest of the body and runs to survive.

So survival and reproduction create a ladder of consumption (actually it is a web but simply it can take as a  ladder). Plants capture the broadly diffused energy, Herbivores eat the plants, those Herbivores are being eaten by Carnivores. All the while everyone is trying to stay alive. It leads to constant conflict and a struggle to survive. Plants fight back the best they can. Herbivores do whatever they can to stay out of a predator’s sight and stomach. Predators try to be the best in killing as they want to be not eaten by others. The battle is all about capturing Energy to survive and reproduce their kind. The reality is a scary thing. This is the ‘system’ we all came from!

What do you think about the above image? What do you think that sea dog does? It is raping the penguin! Can you believe it? It is their nature. Instead of eating the penguin directly, the sea dog rapes it and then eats a bit of it!

Everything has to eat. Something is always going to be eaten. If you did not feed your pets, the ones that survived would be hunting and killing. When I was going through the internet, I saw a terrifying video someone shared of lions eating an animal alive and the animal kept squealing, screaming, and crying the entire time. The lions didn’t feel the need to kill it before eating it. They seemed to enjoy hearing it cry, squeal while they were ferociously eating it.

The above picture is also an image of a sea dog ripping off the body of a penguin. Can you imagine the level of this cruelty?

I’m one of those people who say “I love animals”. But do I really? No. Not after watching videos and photos like those. In fact, I hate the aggressive, cruel, carnivorous ones although I know they do it to live. But some of them enjoy being cruel to others. This fact completely makes caused me to think that they don’t deserve our empathy and love. Even some cute animals have cruel and scary behaviors such as bunnies. I had a friend whose bunny gave birth to two baby bunnies and the next day he woke up to find the babies gone with blood etc there. The mother actually ate the babies. Yes, it happened!

Animals are not all that “cute”, “lovable” etc. But I’m not saying that all animals are this way. Actually, some animals deserve lots of our love, such as the famous dog called Hachiko, it waited in a railway station for its owner for years. Basically, animals who seem to have some conscience or at least don’t enjoy inflicting pain on other animals are the ones who deserve love.

            The above one is a picture of a hyena. It has only the head of a zebra. Hyenas usually hunt as a herd. When they get prey, they ripped it and tear it apart.

I’ve heard of stories where some people owned pet snakes and the snakes tried to kill their owners. There was this girl who owned a python and loved it so dearly and slept with it every day. But one day the python stopped eating. It didn’t eat for several days so she took it to a veterinarian and when asked, she said the python sleeps curling and snuggling up with her every day. The vet told her that the snake wasn’t sick at all, in fact, it stopped eating because it was preparing to eat her! It was sizing her up while snuggling with her and emptying its stomach to have a big meal. So, as you can see, a snake is a snake, and don’t expect anything from it!

            You know how dangerous is a crocodile. But in here, can you see? A giant anaconda is eating a crocodile! That’s why I say the whole life in the world act as a cycle. Even predators have to protect from other predators!

Just because you love animals, don’t go and sleep with a snake thinking it loves you back. I used to think chimps are fine, but I saw some images and videos of them eating slow loris, etc and I just lost faith in wildlife. Even animals that we know as harmless like seals, otters, dolphins are often seen doing terrible things such as rape! Dolphins are very intelligent so when they do cruel, animalistic things, it’s actually a “Crime” because they have intelligence, they probably know what they’re doing!


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