In the second week of May 2015, the special birth of a white faced fawn happened in the Deer Tracks Junction Farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan. It is a 100-acre ranch that is owned by the Powell family. Even though this little faun was different from others, it was very beautiful with the cute little face, pink nose, and pure white and brown mixed coat. Even though this fawn was very cute and beautiful, it has a sad story.

                Actually, he was abandoned by her mother at birth. According to Hilary Powell, the owner of the Deer Tracks Junction, it is normal behavior to abandon such kind of fawns with different appearances.  Only one percent of them are born with such appearance. His mother knew that he will not able to survive from predators. As he has a white face, pink nose, and blue eyes he cannot easily blend with nature and cause him to stand out and be easily spotted.


And also he cannot hear and see well like other regular deer. So he had little opportunity to survive. His mother was also a very unique animal. His mother ‘Bunny’ was a Piebald, a special kind of whitetail deer. She had a large number of white areas in her coat, which was a genetic defect. That defect also happens to one percent of the white deer population.

                After rejection fortunately this cutie was founded by Powell’s son and he named this one as ‘Dragon’. He knew that ‘Dragon’ has to be very tough to survive in the future. He spent his first few nights in Powell’s home and being bottle-fed by them. With the growth, he became stable and learned lots of things. Even today, Powell family takes care of him very well and provides him medical care and vitamins!


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